Scientific portals and gateways have emerged to be important components of many large-scale scientific computing and Grid projects. They are characterized by delivering well-established mechanisms for providing familiar interfaces to secure Grid resources, services, applications, tools, and collaboration services for communities of scientists. In most cases access is enabled through a web browser without the need to download or install any specialized software or worry about networks and ports. As a result, the science application user is isolated from the complex details and infrastructure needed to operate an application on the Grid. In addition to Web-based tools we see the emergence of Desktop based Grid tools that make the development and also the use of Grids easier. This workshop will focus on projects and technologies that are adopting these new technologies and services as well as develop new ones. We seek papers from all aspects of portal, gateway, and tool development including architecture design and standards studies, toolkits developed in support of Grid portals and gateways, as well as Grid middleware.
GCE 2006 topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Applications of Grid Portals and Gateways (including User
  Portals, Application Portals, Science Gateways, Education
  Portals, User interface/usability studies).
- Design and architecture of Grid portals and gateways including
- Tools and frameworks that make developing Grid Portals an  
  gateways easier
- Portal security models and solutions.
- Middleware solutions in support of portals and Gateways
  including: Web Services; WSRF Services; Grid technologies
  Databases; Workflows; WSRP and other standards; Web
  services in support of Portals and Gateways.
- Interaction with Commodity and Commercial tools such as Perl,
  Python, Matlab, and Mathematica.
- Interaction with Desktop applications.
- Summary papers
Second International Workshop on Grid Computing Environments
      Convention Center, Tampa, FL
      Salon G
      12-Nov-06, 8 am - 5 pm
      13-Nov-06, 8 am - 3 pm
Important Dates:
    12-13 Nov-06:  Workshop
   Extended papers to be published in
   the journal: